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We often use the words knowledge, wish and action in our daily lives. But seldom do we realise the connection between them. There has to be a balance. Let’s see what these words mean exactly

What is knowledge?

the sum of what is known:  the body of truth, information, and principles acquired by humankind

What is a wish?

to have a desire for (something, such as something unattainable)

What is action?

a thing was done or the accomplishment of a thing usually over a period of time.

There needs to be a balance between all the three. Because our behaviour towards another human and the society reflects our character in general.

According to our knowledge gained through the years, we make different wishes for our life. We do get choices and we choose the best as per our knowledge. And thereby, to achieve that wish we take appropriate action. This is how we are responsible for our own actions and not God alone. We are liable to achieve well when we do good and vice versa.

Capabilities of human

Man is capable of learning lessons at every step. Every experience teaches a lesson and he is intelligent enough to remember it. So that when the next time same situation arises, he doesn’t panic. Gradually we become wiser through our knowledge. We distant ourselves from wishes and the actions thereby.

With limited knowledge, we may take wrong decisions. Therefore our actions are also not in our favour. We lose the way to our aim and our focus is shaken. Small obstacles should not divert our path towards success. Our concentration should always be powerful. 

Learn to control your senses and not carried away by external factors. 

When there is no connection between our acquired knowledge, decisions made and actions taken, our intentions towards life become unclear. What are we born for?

In today’s scientific world, we have learned to control the external factors. But controlling our senses is yet to achieve. 

I am sure there are many questions arising in your mind at this time. But worry not. When you have travelled with me till here, I will take you ahead also with ease. Stay tuned to know how to get coordination between knowledge and wish? Next post coming up soon!

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6 thoughts on “Knowledge->Wish->Action

  1. I guess what you are trying to say here gets translates to “Indriyon ko wash mein karna” in hindi. Once we have learned to do it we really have found the path to knowledge and wishing for the right things in life. Thanks for this post.


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