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Joy vs Pleasure

In almost every post of mine, I have tried to spread happiness. This is one thing that is available in plenty and free of cost in this nature. But we are busy buying expensive things. Very few know the art of creating happiness and thus nurturing it.

Our scriptures have shown the ultimate happiness in God. But how do we find him? The answer is simple- when you get something of your choice, remember to thank Him. Like you dream of big things, dream of God inside your heart. The way you love that one person in your life, love your God in the same way.

There are many ways to find Him but practising to do so is hard. Our consistency is weak. When we attain a discipline in life and focus clearly, we find Him.

Synonyms of Happiness

Often Joy and Pleasure are taken as one. Sometimes they are used in place of happiness. But there is a thin line of difference if we closely study the two.

What is Joy?

Joy is a feeling of great happiness. Joy is an emotion that arises within you. Joy is derived from your own actions, not from the outside. For example, helping someone can bring you joy. It is the satisfaction and happiness you feel about yourself that is interpreted here as joy.

The pursuit of joy requires that we dive deep within ourselves. Joy can be found within our thoughts, being and existence. It is not built on material things and thus cannot be taken away. For example, you can donate all your worldly possessions and be still happy and joyful. This is because of the joy you feel about your actions and thoughts.

What is Pleasure?

Pleasure is a feeling of happiness, enjoyment, or satisfaction. Pleasure often refers to the happiness we derive from outside sources. For example, meeting a friend for lunch, buying a new dress, chatting with a friend, going on a trip, watching a film, eating your favourite food, etc. will bring you pleasure. Pleasure is not difficult to attain; you can attain pleasure although it may require spending some money. However, pleasure is considered to be a temporary feeling. It doesn’t add to the quality of life.

Regular practice of a particular thing makes it a pleasure. Like eating one dish every day gives a sense of contentment. We automatically start liking that dish. Yes, we may get bored also. But still, after some time we want that dish again.

When an ill person eats boiled vegetables for long he starts liking it. Or when he knows that he is not given a choice, he accepts it and feels the satisfaction in the same.

A small change leads to liking or disliking of something or someone.


Stay tuned to know about knowledge, wish and action. Are they all inter related? My next post is coming up soon!

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