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Inner Peace vs Outer peace

In my earlier post, you read that man is often running after pleasures in life. But little did he understand that what the real pleasure is. Then there is competition around him and he wants to succeed in all. If he socialises then also there’s a pinch of selfishness in him.

In search of peace

But nothing is impossible in this world. When you make up your mind about something, you unintentionally start working towards it. While working for betterment, people change their place of living. The reasons could be many like the surroundings have become dirty or noisy. One of the main reasons also includes over crowded localities.

To clean the environment, we need cooperation from all.

In the same way, to detox our mind, body and soul; to find inner peace, we need cooperation from all.

Accept the reality. When you throw garbage outside your neighbour’s house, the mosquitoes fly towards your house too.

Differentiate between good and bad

One should be able to differentiate between the two; What is good and what is bad?

If a man is aware of his bad behaviour then there are chances of him to correct himself one by one. But what if, the man does not accept that he is doing something wrong to the society or mankind or primarily to himself first?

He has to be wise and correct himself first before he stands up and pin points others in the society. 

You may keep changing places and wonder why you still feel so restless and depressed?

The answer lies within you 

  • You will feel good when you will start thinking of your own growth.
  • When you don’t get bothered by your neighbours but you.
  • When you learn the fact that your happiness does not depend on other’s behaviour. We always want someone else to change so that we feel good.
  • When you realise that it is only you who can make changes to your own life and not others.
  • No, we are not changing for others. We change because that gives us happiness. 
  • Learn to find happiness in the things you have. This way, you will not expect for more but will receive with time.
  • When things come your way unexpected, they give you immense pleasure.

    As soon you sense peace within you, you feel calm and content everywhere.

Stay tuned to know more about happiness. Is it joy or pleasure that brings the smile to our face? Next post coming up soon!

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24 thoughts on “Inner Peace vs Outer peace

  1. To understand peace…it is important to understand contentment first. Once we are satisfied with what we have or what we are able to make, inner peace is sure to follow…Lovely post…

  2. This is really important for all. In stress you cannot perform well personally or prefessionally. I love the post thanks for sharing

  3. Hey Geethica! Even though your thoughts swayed a bit here and there, you did get your point across that having peace and being at peace are two different things and they have little to do with the external environment. However, it is very hard to do since we live in an age of information bombardment and everything is a distraction. In this post you mentioned certain qualifiers to know if we are at peace or not. In your next post, do share some tips on how to get there taking examples from your life or may be make up some on the way. 🙂

  4. Everything starts first from our-self then moves on to others, you have brought it up so simple in this post Geethica. Sometimes we understand and overlook but a reminder helps to keep up to the goal.

  5. There’s so much sense in your post – if only we would realise that our happiness depends on only us, life would be so uncomplicated and peaceful. Unfortunately that’s the toughest thing to happen. We tie our happiness with spouses, children, friends as also money and clothes and homes and cars. This is a much needed reminder.

  6. I feel one thing that one needs to identify is that change is possible only within. One cannot change anyone ones own self and not others. So worrying over others behaviour or thoughts is pointless. Look for peace within and the world will feel like a nice place to live in

  7. Nice write up Geethica. Outer peace is possible only when there is inner peace. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. This is true. I agree we need to find inner peace withour bothering about what the outer world thinks. Thanks for this reminder as sometimes though we know it, we do get affected by others.

  9. Thought provoking post, Geethica. You have penned it so nicely. Inner peace alone can give outer peace. I too agree with you on that. Waiting to read your next post.


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