How to shop on a budget?

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As Navratri arrives there comes a series of festivals in India. And whenever festivals are around the corner, the heart beats with excitement. There is happiness in the air. Everybody wants to meet their friends and relatives. There are many card parties also during this time. And the most important essence of the festival is shopping. So how do you shop on a budget this Diwali?

When budget is the priority

  1. Always think ahead– Make a list of all the things, you want to buy during the festive season, in advance. You can buy in bulk and get huge discounts at many stores.
  2. Keep Saving– Try to save some portion from your budget every month, this way you will be left a little more at the time of real shopping time.
  3. Avoid window shopping– Many times I have realised that we just go out to malls and while scrolling only we like something and buy it. Later, we regret and feel it could have been avoided. We buy just for the sake of buying it. You need to control this urge to buy unnecessary things.
  4. Avoid virtual shopping– When we go to a shop, we can try the things and then buy them. But if we order online and don’t like the product, it has to be returned. It takes at least two days by the time the website returns your balance. This way your money is also blocked for the time being. This can be avoided.
  5. Research the market well– There are so many deals going on during the festive season. It is advisable to compare the price of your product and then buy through the best deal.

Many of us buy new clothes for the family during Diwali. This is also the time to declutter our wardrobes and make space for the new ones. It will be grateful if we donate our old clothes, that are still in good condition, to the needy ones. And make their festival worth enjoying. Because blessings are the best gift humans can exchange free of cost.

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10 thoughts on “How to shop on a budget?

  1. Honestly, I felt this is going to be a post on upcoming sales on online shopping portals. Thank God it wasn’t! Your tips are very practical and helpful. We must save, declutter and donate as and when we can.

  2. Great tips. I love shopping and window shopping too but you are right..Its better to avoid any temptations. Thanks a lot Geethica for writing for #MondayMommyMoments


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