How to rule this Navratri?

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Every year, Indians are celebrating Navratri with huge indulgence. There is a sense of happiness and a feeling of festivity in the air. India as a whole celebrates this festival as one. And every state enjoys garba in their own style. People arrange dance parties for all 9 days. And it’s fun, food and enjoyment all these days. Everybody wants to look their best in the dandiya parties.

So what are you wearing this Dandiya party?

I have brought the best colour ideas for all the ladies out there. Pick a colour a day and dress to kill. Here, I have added some spice to traditional wear and made it Indo Western for you.

  • Let’s start with the colour of first Navratri- YELLOW

If yellow is too bright for you to wear, this can be worn differently as shown in this image. Instead of wearing it as a solid colour, it can be combined with a colourful top. Here, only the sleeves are yellow in colour.

  • Wear GREEN for the second Navratri

Wear this beautiful colour in typical Indian style. Like the actress has worn it. Take a green dupatta with any contrast lehenga choli to look stylish. And don’t miss the neatly pleated lehenga. You can drape dupatta in any stylish way to look different.

  • Wear GREY for third Navratri

I know you may feel that Grey is a dull colour. But believe me, it is the most popular colour these days. And it can be teamed up with many bright colours. Otherwise, take the whole dress as a solid colour. I like this one- classy and cool.

  • ORANGE is the colour for the fourth day of Navratri

This is a lovely colour. I can wear it any day of the year. And orange is the colour of festival. It can be teamed up with any sober colours or other bright colours according to preference. Here, a scarf has been teamed up with a long skirt of the same colour.

  • WHITE is the fifth day of Navratri

White is not as simple as it looks. But it speaks volumes. Dare to wear white this season and break the myth. Don’t team up with any other colour and let the solid colour take the stage.

  • RED is the colour for the sixth day of Navratri

Any festival is incomplete if it is not accompanied by red colour. So here we have red colour but with a different tone. Wear a dark shade of red and feel the change in you.

  • ROYAL BLUE for the seventh day of Navratri

This colour is glamorous as well as bold. So it can’t be missed here. It can be teamed with black as shown or simply the colour itself. Wear it as a gown or a kurta, whichever way you are comfortable.

  • PINK colour for the eighth day of Navratri

This is another festive colour that can’t be ignored. I have gathered a different shade of pink to make it more exciting and to stand out of the crowd. A saree has its own essence.

  • PURPLE colour for the ninth day of Navratri

Purple may not be liked by some but the ones who like it just can’t dress without it. This colour adds a dashing style to the outfit and welcomes the pleasant weather. Here also, I have shortlisted a very pretty shade of purple.

I hope you like my collection. Do comment and let me know what more can be added.

So let your hair fall and dance to the tune of dandiyas.

Happy Navratri to all!!

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