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Happiness vs Sadness

I have gathered many ways to feel happy in the times when it is difficult to. And I have shared with you all to make you feel the same. Today also, the topic for my post is the same- HAPPINESS but with a difference.

Where does happiness lie?

If I own that particular thing, I will be happy.

If I stop thinking of what’s considered as wrong, I will be happy.

If I have all the money in the world, I will be happy.

Different humans have the different perspectives towards happiness. Else are they sad? Yes, whatever he may have, he always craves for more. He feels the same about God too. If today, he gets money, God is kind. If not then God is being cruel to him.

We choose the way we want to be. It is just the matter of sight. How we look at a situation. A glass half filled or the same glass half empty? 

The one who believes in this universe finds his happiness here. The one who believes in another life and in God finds happiness there. But the one who is confused will never be happy anywhere. Because doubt has made a home in his heart instead of peace and happiness. 

Today, we all are becoming like a confused lot. We want this also and that also. The result being we often end up losing all. 

There needs to be a sort of contentment within us first. There should be clarity about where does our happiness lie? Some find it in their family. Some find it in their partner. Some find it in serving their elders and guru. Some find their happiness in worshipping God and feeling him inside.

Ways to find happiness

  • Be calm and enjoy even the smallest achievement with family and friends.
  • Observe little things that make you happy and be thankful for them.
  • Play with your kids. They are the sweetest gift, God has ever blessed the humans with.
  • When you are depressed, watch for that one thing or person that brings a smile on your face.

All the answers to our why’s are here only in this universe, we just need to be more observant.

Coming up with my next post on Various kinds of love that humans possess. Stay tuned for more updates!

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8 thoughts on “Happiness vs Sadness

  1. What an immensly timely post for me. To put our happiness on materialistic things is what we shouldn’t ever do. Happiness has to come from within <3 Love Love this post!

  2. Geethica your posts always make me positive. Every word you write, every message you convey, it makes me realize that life is so beautiful. We really need to appreciate the little things, observe more and be grateful everyday.


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