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Coordination between Knowledge and Wish

I told you before that it is hard to achieve a balance between knowledge and our wishes. Why so? Because we lack coordination between the two. Many times we do something that we don’t want to do but just do. We are curious about that driving force that makes our action happen.

Reasons for a particular action

  • Many times we are not aware of the result our action would lead to.
  • Sometimes, we just become lazy and feel like ” let it happen when the result will come we will tackle.”
  • There is lack of knowledge.
  • We don’t look for all the options available and just go for the one that comes first in the mind.
  • We are confused and depend on other’s suggestions.

 Take an example

We don’t want to disclose our income to the Government that’s why we lie and search for ways to hide our actual income. We choose this way by our own wish where we accept to hide the truth else we have to declare what all we have. Nobody has forced us to do so but our own conscious.

We make our journey the way we make principles in our lives and follow them purposely. When we keep doing a wrong thing regularly, it becomes a principle in life that we follow blindly. And the same goes for good things too. When we practise good habits regularly they become a part of life and makes us happy in the first place itself.

When we are busy doing some wrong, we forget that the truth is something else and we are far away from that. It is only until the time we realise the importance of truth in life, we would be ready to sacrifice.

Through sacrifice only we can protect the truth.

In my next post, I will let you know about different perspective to acknowledge happiness. When we are not happy, are we always sad? Stay tuned for more, next post coming up soon!

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