Blogging Contests- The fuel for my writing

It has been 10 months since my writing has evolved in the form of blogging and started getting recognised. I owe this little success to many of the people around and my virtual friends. And blogging contests being one of the strongest reason for me to write without fail.

Reasons for taking up Blogging Contests

  • They keep the fire alive- There is always excitement in the air when I am writing for a contest. It helps me to move towards my passion. A sort of energy keeps on multiplying as the deadline comes closer.
  • Helps in maintaining a writing discipline– When you are going to be rewarded for writing, you make yourself more disciplined. However busy you may be still you schedule your day to include writing into it.
  • Exercise for creativity- Contests keep you on the right track- writing and writing and more writing. You have prompts to think and write for. And practising always adds something new to your creativity.
  • Friends– This is one of the sweetest rewards of participating in contests. You make so many virtual friends through your writing and all share same interests as you- writing.
  • Food for thought– You come across so many informative blogs and learn many new things along the contest.

  Winning in the contests is always an icing on the cake but even if you don’t, then participating also has its own charm. Because you learn from every experience.

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6 thoughts on “Blogging Contests- The fuel for my writing

  1. So true, participating in AtoZ challenge this year changed my life as a blogger drastically. I have now so many friends and write more often. I host a writing challenge myself #Tiniature on twitter and my days are filled with fun, creativity with other challenge takers.

  2. Blogging contests help us to get in schedule for writing and the remunerations are added perks. Thanks for linking up with #ThankfulThursdays


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