Being a motivational speaker and writer myself, I am always in search of books in the same genre by other authors. While browsing I came across one such book SPIRIT FLOWS POWER GLOWS by KEERTHI SINGHE.

This is one of those books which I couldn’t resist but bought on an impulse. And I am glad I did. I am sure after reading my review you will also be convinced to have a copy of yours.

About the book

The author teaches you to strengthen through your vision. He follows a disciplined life that further clears his vision about his future.

A powerful line I came across- Achievements come from within from a burning desire and by imagining vivid pictures that arouse your creative intelligence.

He says to dream big irrespective of the situation around at present. The author further explains that when you decide to change yourself, be clear about the reasons for your change. He stresses on mental hygiene and has shown different ways to achieve it followed by its benefits to life.

He makes it important to evaluate one’s own talents and will power to achieve goals. He teaches to correct your prayers to God and pray what exactly you want.

My opinion

This book is a boon for all motivational readers. If you believe in the supreme power GOD and the power of your brain then this is the final destination for your browsing.

The author has written small chapters to maintain interest. Big discussions are also divided into points for easy accessibility. There are the white spaces that maintain the interest. The best part of every chapter is that at the end there is memory count which collects all the points at one place. This way you remember to learn the positive things you read in the chapter.

The author has explained each of his preachings through his own life experiences. This way he tells the world that what he is talking about in the book, actually happens. He believes in God and His power that has been granted to all of us. He teaches how to be conscious of the power within you.

I strongly recommend to buy this book and see the change within you. You can buy the book here.



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About the author

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The author comes from a middle-class family. One time politician, he witnessed the miracles that saved his life without him suffering even a minor injury. He has crafted short stories like a kid because he believes that childlike behaviour is very vital in keeping the enthusiasm alive throughout your life.

After struggling with so many failures, he has tasted the power of money and embraced a luxurious lifestyle.

The author lives with his family in Sri Lanka.



22 thoughts on “The Review- KEERTHI SINGHE

  1. Though I’m not much of a spiritually inclined person, your writing helps me establish a calm. I would like to read this book too because it’s recommended by you.

  2. Seems to be a good book. I have few books still lying un read but once I am through it, I shall definitely purchase the book and read it.

  3. Seems like a good book. I like book having small chapters as it motivated me to read next chapter and doesn’t get boring.


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