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Resources that empowers me

There are basically 3 important resources that keep my passion of writing going on.

Important resources

  1. MEDITATION: This is most important of all the resources. This is the reason I am going on towards my goal. It calms me down. It reminds me that I can destroy the stress and not the other way around.
  2. MY WISDOM BOOKS: They keep me on the right track. They protect me from doing bad and shows me the correct way at times of confusion. They uplift my mood at the times of deep depression.
  3. MODERN DAY RESOURCES: Internet and Laptop are the lifelines of blogging today. I can’t work until I have these resources working. My work seems to be in my drafts only if I am not able to publish it. And not to forget my smartphone that has all the facilities of a laptop. It is only that I am not comfortable writing a post through my phone. Else it is pretty good as a laptop. All my editing and updating of posts are done through my phone only.

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23 thoughts on “Resources that empowers me

  1. Basic yet integral resources. Like you, even I am not comfortable writing posts on my phone. Love curling up with my books every night before sleeping – it’s a night habit that I love.

  2. All three resources mentioned by you are so relevant. Can’t imagine life without Laptop or Phone without Wifi. Don’t know what I would do without Books. And of course, Meditation to keep you sane in this maddening world. For me, it’s my music too, and of course, the life support system we call friends and family. 😀

  3. Varied resources but of equal importance. Technology is the key to blogging. I too edit my blog posts and sharethrough my smart phone.

  4. Meditation and books for the self and technology in the form of internet, laptop and smart phones for the blogger self are a set of wonderful resources. Writing on phone is also difficult for me. I prefer the laptop for all things blogging.


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