How to plan a party for kids?

When you have to arrange a birthday party for your kids, you need to be extra alert. There is a simple reason behind it that kids are never satisfied and always dynamic. At one point they like one thing and at another point something else.

But we moms have a solution to every problem and our experience helps us learn everything.

Things to keep in mind

The arrangements are different for girls and boys. Different age groups also have different preferences. At home, my 9.5 years old daughter is totally different from my 5 years old boy.

My girl is excited about the decorations, cakes, balloons and her friends.

She is involved in every decision for her birthday party.  

She plans her birthday gift all year long. And is always after my life to convince other members. Then there’s a pretty dress to be arranged for the princess.

Another important thing is to ask for the number of friends she wants to invite. Accordingly, I decide whether to have a party at home or at a restaurant. 

Budget wise both the places have some pros and cons. A restaurant is a little costlier but the arrangements are not your headache. You just need to give the details and forget the rest. You also attend the party as a guest.

On the other hand, party at home is done totally by the members of the house. All the arrangements are to be organised properly from pen to paper. A plan B should always be handy in the case last minute changes are to be done.

The lady of the house needs to be calm at all times. She is the one who takes over every good and bad on her back.

Well, my son is not social at all, he is just concerned with his toys cars. He only has one passion and it is easier to get a small toy car when he wants something.

Sometimes, we take the kids to amusement park where they enjoy the most and have dinner with family 

However, this year he has asked for a car which he can drive. 

He is not fond of parties but his two friends whom he meets in school daily. So birthdays are not any different for him. Within some time, he has started eating cakes and is excited to blow the candles. Now he has started realising the fun of celebrating birthdays with family and friends. All thanks to his elder sister.

Equality is the priority

There is the age difference between the two but sibling rivalry is always around the corner. It is hard to maintain a balance but it is possible.

Clothes are bought for both every time. 

Gifts are always decided for both. 

Whosoever’s birthday is it in the family, both the kids blow the candles and cut the cake. And not to forget about the return gifts.

Doing every bit cautiously also, nothing is always perfect. I am always the referee between the two for the silliest issues in the world.

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46 thoughts on “How to plan a party for kids?

  1. thts a great post . thank god only have one kid. else the equality is priority gets tricky at time.
    also like the idea of how to involve your daughter in very decision .

  2. We just had the first birthday party for my baby. I am sure the parties in the future will be tougher to arrange. 🙂 Thank you for these tips

  3. Whoa! Looks like planning such parties is quite a tedious task and kudos to you for making sure that both the kids have fun in their own little way :).

  4. Planning birthday party is such a tedious task, many last minute changes and alterations. You are doing a commendable job by managing two and letting them understand the value of sharing. Smart Mommying

  5. Birthday parties planning is such pressure situation for me. But now mostly my daughter just loves to have pool parties and that is easy to plan.

  6. Have always marvelled at how with ease so many mothers arrange kiddie parties, there is so much to do, remember, and take care of!! Quite an informative post that parents can refer to, specially new parents.

  7. This is the story in my house! Yup girls are usually more excited but understanding each child’s temperament and then managing parties is a great solution.

  8. Thanks for these genuine tips Getthica. Its my Kiddo’s third birthday and i am planning to keep it a Home party inviting other society kids. I think he should have the fun rather than us. #MyFriendAlexa #BioscopeReads

  9. As a seasoned granny I can say that your tips are really useful for moms who sometimes go over the top and get party organisers or event managers to get a party going for their children. Luckily the age gap between my girls was only 18 months so the two grew up almost like twins and they could both participate in planning their own parties. The older one actually did all the planning even for her baby sister.
    One thing we insisted on was blowing the balloons and making the decorations all by ourselves. This gave us many days of craft activity prior to the party.
    I also kept the parties small – often just 4-5 children and asked them over to lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon – almost like a play date when they were 3-5 years old.
    The parties changed over the years till finally after 14 they decided to hang out with their friends at the club!

    1. Wow that’s handful of experiences. Times have come when we also prefer doing maximum things ourselves. And they grow up they have different preferences. Thanks for your heart warming comment😀

  10. Birthday a big day for the child. Good to read how you maintain a balance being the lady of the house.

  11. A very nice and followable plan Geethica! Planning birthday parties is a tough thing especially because we seldom remember what we did for the other child during his birthday party..


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