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Coffee since childhood

If we were having coffee, we will definitely go into the flashback and then come back in present. There are so many memories stocked up in my brain as treasures.

Coffee has the different essence to me at different levels of my life. When I was 7 years old, I used to have just a small sip from my grandma’s cup of coffee. She was a coffee addict. 

While my growing years, the habit remained the same. Now I could buy a coffee to myself and drink a full cup. But that didn’t taste the same as that small sip.

Now I am married and a mother of two. My husband has changed the whole scenario of drinking coffee. Coffee now means to be out at cafes; creatively designed interiors, good food and strong hot coffee. Most importantly, a small hide out from kids and enjoying the time together. There is so much to talk about and exchange ideas on issues which we forget to discuss in the chaos at home with kids.

He is the one to search all the good cafes in the city and make it a point take me out every week.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6



24 thoughts on “Coffee since childhood

  1. Wow its very interesting article on just a cup of coffee. I am also a coffee lover from the days of my childhood. I just love its strong taste. #minsread #myfriendalexa

  2. Nothing really tastes like what it tastes when we were kids!
    A coffee date sounds perfect to me:)
    Loved your post Geethica!


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