Choices are always there

The other day I was just browsing Google for some motivational quotes when I came across this quote. When I first read it, I just moved ahead. And the next moment I realised that there is a deep meaning behind this quotation.

I realised I always have choices and sometimes it is only a choice of attitude.

I tried applying it to my own life and understand the meaning in a better way. When I look back, they are some phases where I regret my choice of decision. Simply because

  • I was not clear in my mind as to choose which one
  • I was not bold enough to stand up for my decision
  • I didn’t realise what effect my current decision would have on my future.
  • It is the circumstance where just to impress others, I went for a particular choice.

And above all, I just accept the fact that maybe things were not in my favour that time. So the choices were not clear to me at that time.

Today, I am clear about my life. What I want from life and how to live happily.

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40 thoughts on “Choices are always there

  1. I always give in for others. I always suppress by choice. Slowly I realized the effect on me and have starting standing up for what I want. Be it good or bad. At least of my choice

    1. Many times we get influenced by others and make choices. Just to realise later that this is not what we desired. It is high time we should change ourselves. Thank you dear.

  2. Wow that is such an amazing thought. I believe this is something that I would like to tell myself everyday. I can make choices and they will lead me where I want 🙂

  3. Very beautiful post and nice quote as well. Choosing a right path is always not easy Beacuse you never know what comes next while walking on the road of life. So whatever comes do accept it and have experience of all things. Coz experience can make us perfect for further challenges. So our life depends on which path we choose for.

  4. so true we are our biggest enemy honestly to keep ourself positive and make choices is something only we can do but we think it depends on lot of other things

  5. The post has a very deep meaning. I loved reading it. at times we overlook the goodness and the blessed life we have and we keep asking for more and comparing from others. Thanks for sharing this .

  6. We are always busy in looking for what’s not right that we overlook the choices that are right there in front of us. Those are our solution but we don’t pay attention.

  7. Thanks for this insightful quote Geethica. I can see that I really had many choices whenever I acted stupid or crib over the situation. I have chosen hurtful words when all I needed to spell is Love. Thanks for linking up with #QuotedStories. I really appreciate.

  8. That was a quick decision! Very often I think for hours on end and still can’t figure out what I want to do… Glad you have found the answer to the eternal question we all have – what do I want from life.


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