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A letter to my mentor

Dear Bhatt Sir,

I still remember the first day I joined your coaching classes. I was so scared; first of all from the subject maths and then from your harsh voice. Little did I realise that those who are harsh from outside are so soft from inside.

I am thankful to you for what I am today. Gradually, I learnt that a teacher loves his student because of his/her behaviour and not only of his grades. You were the one who made me aware of my hidden talents.

You only insisted that I should join a regular college that will build my confidence and yes, it surely did. If today, I am able to talk to strangers and get my work done, it is simply because of you.

I was touched by your involvement in my marriage. You wanted to know every detail of my extended family, just like a father. I loved the times I met you whenever I used to come at my mom’s place. And then you would play with my kids too.

You were my true guru whom I would have worshipped my whole life. A guru comes before God as he is the one who brings changes in you and makes you closer to God. 

Your sudden demise shattered me into bits. I could never accept that you are not there in my life anymore. But nature has its own rule for life and death.

I hope you must be proud of my achievements today. I owe my little success to you, sir.

Your ever scared student,


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24 thoughts on “A letter to my mentor

  1. Teachers like Bhatt Sir are far in between who transcend the relationship between a student and a teacher beyond the classroom. I can see why writing this letter must be important to you. Whether people are living or dead, our thoughts for them always have the power to reach them wherever they are.


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