I bring you today another brilliant ebook SOUL SOJOURN by TINA SEQUEIRA. I met this fantastic author during #AtoZCHALLENGE2017. We read each other’s posts and realised that our thoughts are similar. This is the reason I chose her ebook to review.

What’s the ebook all about?

The author has got her inspiration from her father who introduced her to the world of books. She has started her journey of ebook with the word Authenticity. She denotes writing in its true form, an authentic ritual. She further gives a new definition to the word ‘Boredom’ and a beautiful room to the word ‘Competition’.

She strongly urges to find one’s own identity in one’s self only where peace and contentment lies. She appropriately makes us understand not to label any child as ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’ as they are just being themselves. She explains very beautifully that Silence is a language in itself. She has stressed upon questioning one’s purpose in life. And admits that learning is an ongoing process.

My opinion

The author has given examples from her own life to make her points clear. She has very creatively compared life with Kaleidoscope; one chapter that should not be missed by any chance. She has introduced a new mantra to chant i.e. Fuck Mantra. Yes, you heard it right. Well, this is quite quirky but she has given examples to support her point.

There are many instances in the ebook where you will find yourself connected and motivated towards life. Because taking out reasons from your happenings around is a very intelligent way of exploring life.

About the author

Tina is a voracious reader, beginning from early childhood.The next natural course of action was, of course, writing, which she started around the age of twelve. She finds writing a cathartic experience.

Writing comes as a welcome outlet both for her creative and intellectual pursuits. Being the mother of a bright young girl, Tina is vehemently passionate about promoting fairness and equality between men and women in all aspects of life. She likes to question
through her writings, the validity and existence of certain traditions and customs in today´s world especially when it comes at the expense of a woman´s free will and wellbeing. Tina´s writings have been published on various sites such as Women Web, Mycity4kids, Readomania etc. She was also the finalist in the first ever conducted Orange Flower Awards category by Women´s Web in the category for Personal Blogging.

Tina Sequeira wears many hats – management professional, teacher and writer. She is a proud Indian woman, hailing from Kerala, raised in Telangana and lived in California for a couple of years. Currently, she lives in Hyderabad.

When you want answers from life, move on to this ebook. You can download it here



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  1. Tina is a very dear friend . Though I haven’t met her but she is one person with whom I found a connect. There is so much to learn. I have read her e book. I read one chapter each night and now re-reading it. Kaleidoscope is my favourite chapter.


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