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The sun was bright and warm on our body. And kids were playing at Lodhi Garden. We just wanted a siesta. It was a perfect November afternoon and we had planned a lunch party in the garden. After playing, the kids were hungry and all excited to have food with their friends. We all had divided the stuff among us. We had disposable plates to serve. Once the food was served everybody was quiet and busy eating. Once finished we started to dispose off the plates and other stuff. when suddenly, my 5 five years old asked me, ” mom, where does this waste go?” 

” This goes and is dumped at one place.”

“Then what happens to that dumped garbage?”

I thought and kept quiet. What should I tell him? That this garbage adds to heaps of mountain? 

We came back home. He had long forgotten what he had asked but I was curious. I wanted to know how can I save this garbage? I immediately googled and I was amazed at what I found. 

The top results were GREENFARE- Eco-Friendly Disposables. These are disposables made of Areca Palm Leaf that is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. I got interested and browsed for some more details. I was impressed by the results

  • They are 100% natural
  • They are biodegradable and compostable. They don’t leave any waste behind. 
  • They are chemical free
  • They are food safe.
  • They are freezer safe.
  • They are microwave safe.

Naturally biodegradable in 90 days

   Better way to explain


I thought others may also serve the same but I was wrong. Look out for yourself:

I was pretty impressed by the information and I immediately ordered. I got my products really fast and they were the same as quoted by the brand. Here is what I got for myself.

I liked the square plates and the bowls. This is something new in disposables and they are stiff for hold your curries in place. And you can have a mess free food. After finishing also, you are contributing to nature. 

My opinion

  • The price is almost the same as other disposables.
  • You get more varieties and shapes.
  • When finished, they are not piling to the garbage heaps instead composting and contributing to nature.
  • They are PR is extremely humble and kind to talk to.
  • They are also available on Facebook and on Amazon too



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I wonder how kids also teach us so much. If my son wouldn’t have asked me that question, I would have never found this eco-friendly product.

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11 thoughts on “Palm leaf tableware- GREENFARE

  1. Kids definitely teach us a lot through their curiosity. Green tableware looks very elegant. I will try to find something like this here as well.

  2. this is a wonderful product, natural and biodegradable. I too tried the product and find them very useful especially when we travel or have more guests at home. I am finding it useful this pooja season

  3. I have used their products and they are awesome. They deliver at doorstep across india with nominal transport charges. Better to order direct from them than Amazon, (Economical plus you can get discount! 🙂 ) to order see their website and call. http://greenfare.in

  4. I am loving the products too. Yesterday I was entertaining guests and I served them in Greenware Tableware and they were amazed to know all about the eco friendly product.


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