Not yelling but controlling

When I used to look at other mothers yelling at their child, I use to pity them. I decided one thing that I will never shout at my child. Then one day, I became a mother, I starting loving my child like anything. And a day came when I started shouting at them.

I was no different from those mothers whom I used to pity once. What were the reasons that slowly and gradually changed me?

Reasons for me to shout

  • They have grown up now and learnt not to listen at once.
  • They have learnt to take up all for granted.
  • Mothers will finish the chores as such also.

Ways to control my anger

This is an ongoing process. You have to keep changing according to behaviour. Learning to control your anger and prevent yelling at children is also an art. Before counting on my methods, I wanted to read my fellow mommy blogger’s write ups also. I am amazed to see so many different tricks from so many of them.

Let me share some of my ways with you:

  1. I take deep breaths when I feel like shouting at them. That calms me down and reminds me of wise words to use with my kids.
  2. I leave that place for the moment thinking to clean the mess once at the end only.
  3. Instead of forcing them to clean the mess, I start to clean with them and ask them for help. They feel proud and start helping. In no time, all is cleared and little did they realise that I picked only one or two toys. The rest have been cleaned by themselves only.
  4. When they look at me and laugh, in seconds I calm down and laugh with them. I don’t know how it happens. But that’s probably God by side helping me to calm down.
  5. Make a place or corner, in front of you only, where they create their mess and which can be left as it is for the day. At the end only, it can be sorted out.

I am open to more suggestions from my readers because parenting has no fixed mantras but flexible ones. 

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8 thoughts on “Not yelling but controlling

  1. My .madam has just turned 5 and she thinks she has already grown into an adult. For every thing I say she has an answer to give it back and this is something which keeps me on witts all the time.
    I know the trigger and now working to crease out the issue… deep breaths are my handy tips.

  2. My Younger one makes a lot of mess and that really makes me mad. With her this is the constant point of discussion and leads to yelling at times. I am trying to work on it as I always feel guilty afterwards. Thanks for linking up with #MMM 🙂


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