Motherhood being the hardest

When you try every possible way to maintain a balance between the two kids

When you get equal gifts and divide yourself equally among them

They still quarrel and blame you for being partial

That is the hardest part of motherhood!

When you love them unconditionally, praise them for their hard work

And the minute you deny a favour for their wrong behaviour. 

They stop talking to you and they ignore you

That is the hardest part of motherhood!

When you give them respect as equal to elders and try to comfort them in every situation.  

But the moment you don’t fulfil their demands 

They behave as strangers and talk the way that hurts in the heart

That is the hardest part of motherhood!

When you teach them good values and principles of life

When you teach them to respect elders and save money

Still, they answer rudely at times and don’t understand the value of hard earned money.

That is the hardest part of motherhood!

When your qualities and weaknesses show in your child, some good and others bad

When you realise how bad habits hurt and must have hurt your parents.

But you can’t go back and alter

That is the most painful part of motherhood!!

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31 thoughts on “Motherhood being the hardest

  1. Children are after all children and behave as they feel from inside, they reflect everything that goes on inside them and outside too. True at times they become strangers – but isnt that what they are – separate individuals and not an extension of us.

    1. That’s so correct. But when we are proud of our qualities in them at the same time we are guilty at times to see our bad habits reflecting in them 😊. Thanks for commenting Menaka

  2. Wow you have out down exactly like how I feel… Motherhood is really tough and sometimes painful too after all the effort you out in


  3. When your qualities and weaknesses show in your child, some good and other bad… This happens to me a lot. U appreciate my mom more now because Unrealized how difficult it must have been for her. Thank you for sharing this in #MondayMommyMoments

  4. Such a heartfelt post ❤ during my childhood , I sometimes felt too that mom was partial and loved other siblings more but now that I am a mom I know the truth…..moms are best❤❤❤

  5. Hha..how true is this! You have mentioned some points which all moms can relate to and all these hardships of motherhood. Thanks for linking up with #MMM Geethica.

  6. beautiful lines lovely post, for me the toughest or hardest part is – balancing on being a mother & myself. Both roles coincide at most the times leaving me either out of patience or energy. Motherhood is hard.

  7. Interesting read… For me too the hardest thing is when i see my not very pleasing reflection in my child… It’s difficult when they copy something wrong from u

  8. So agree with all the points. The last one especially. Kids are our mirrors and when we see the bad side of ours being reflected, it is the hardest to confront.

  9. Motherhood is a journey and each step is not so easy as it looks. Moms face lot of troubles in day to day life to raise these tiny humans. Loved reading the post thanks for sharing.


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