KIDZMIXFLIX- Cartoon on the move

” Come on, let’s move. We are getting late, Jack. “

” Two minutes more, mom. This cartoon is just going to finish.”

” I said no. Switch off the TV. You can watch it later.”

” Grrrrr. I don’t wanna talk to you. Every time you make me miss my favourite cartoon.”

” Ok, let it be. That cartoon is of no use. You are learning all false things from that. It’s sheer entertainment without any knowledge.”

And this is the scenario at my place whenever we have to go out. Don’t you feel the same? Kids are always to watching some or the other cartoon on TV. When they have to close it and move with you, they create a mess.

Cartoons on TV

Actually, the cartoons today are live all the time. There are specific durations for which you can allow your child to watch. Adding to it, there are several channels running 24*7. It’s a big task to prioritise among them what is good for your kids. 

Either you sit with them and look out for what they are watching. This is important but not possible every time. Another way could be that you make them watch in front of you. This could be done if you are present at a place with television. But, what if, you are in the kitchen or store room?


This is simply the best. Don’t agree with me? I will tell you how and why.

This is a YouTube Channel for young children, their kids and their grandparents. All DINOMIX videos (WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF DINOSAURS) have now been uploaded.

Our next project, now being uploaded: ANIMAL MIX, part 1, A JUNGLE PARTY. 13 lovely pop songs and 13 great cartoons about a lot of animals in the jungle having a fun party.

For years Sunroof Music has successfully written, produced and released outstanding kid’s products on the music market. Some of our projects: Smurfs, Paddington Bear, Dinosaurs, Postman Pat, Donald Duck, Babar, Spot the Dog, Bump the Elephant, Rupert Bear, to name just a few.
The Smurf albums, written and produced by Barrie Corbett and Frans Erkelens, sold millions and millions worldwide both in the late seventies/early eighties and in the nineties/early 2000, winning several awards including gold and platinum disks in various countries and a GRAMMY award nomination for the American “Best of Friends” Smurf album.
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Cartoon on the move

  • YouTube is available on phone today and accessible with a click.
  • You can be mobile while watching your favourite cartoon.
  • I have personally watched them and have addicted to its superb animation.
  • Every week they are uploading new cartoons.
  • Dinosaurs have always been my favourite. Maybe because they were extinct before we came to Earth. So the curiosity level is always high. 
  • No, I am not promoting watching of cartoons till endless hours. I am myself strict in that case. I already disciplined my kids to watch quality things with time constraints.
  • And this channel is one them.

You can watch this channel and subscribe here

Do share with me, how did you like it! I am sure you are gonna be glued to it with your kids.




29 thoughts on “KIDZMIXFLIX- Cartoon on the move

  1. Hey even i feel that’s a good channel at least something to learn other than watching those stupid YouTube videos.


  2. Wow, this looks like a really good options for kids. Inam going to check this out soon…bydway I love cartoons too 🤓😂😂😂

  3. Surly sounds like a fun time for the whole family:)
    It’s hard to pass time on the road & this channel might be the thing I was looking for!!!


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