Hope for the best

Every parent has big dreams for their children. They want their kids to be better than they had been. And like them only, I also have some and wishes for my kids:

Hopes and wishes for my kids

  • I want them to be clear about their intentions. They should try to focus on their likings in different areas and brush up the hobby they are best at. This will help them in selecting their career in future.
  • They should believe in their choices. They should feel carried away in the crowd and be confident of their decision.
  • I wish them to be a good human being first than being an earner. Simply because your behaviour takes you higher than your salary. You will be long remembered as a good person in people’s heart than your six digit pay.
  • They should believe that God has written success in everybody’s destiny. It is just that we have to dust away from the hindrances. And we find that the path was ahead only, it is just that we couldn’t see it before.
  • They should always be thankful for what they have been blessed with.

Taken the inspiration from Amrita and Deepa for #MMM 


38 thoughts on “Hope for the best

  1. Well that’s very beautifully written and yes having and believing in your own choices that you have made is very important that makes them even more confident in life

  2. They shouldn’t get carried away – i really like that wish. Sometimes i feel if i would hve turned differently if i complied to y friends all the time and peer pressure can get really nasty!! Seriously hope that our kids learn the difference and can decide well for themselves 🙂

  3. I really like your way of Writing post.your thoughts are just amazing. Your wishes are same as every mother of a child wish for them. Your words are so close to heart. Very wel words. We as a parents always wish that our children should get the more than we had.

  4. I really love your writing dear.Yes out kids should be grateful for what they have.Gratitude is the base formlong lasting happiness.


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