Fading guilt

When I saw this prompt for the week, I was little sceptical about writing. This topic required to wake up so many emotions that were closed in a corner of my heart. There were so many sudden changes in my lifestyle as I became a mother. And with each passing phase, my little daughter taught me a lesson and made me a better person in life. This is how my guilt started fading and I realised that those were the moments most cherished.

Read along with me and know what I would want to change if I had to start my parenting journey all over again:

  • Be more patient: I was totally shaken up when I could not sleep because of my daughter’s sleeping patterns. I used to question myself is this what God gifts you with the baby? And then one day, I got an answer from my God- ” Have patience my child, when other difficult times have gone, this shall also pass soon.” I started to change my sleeping patterns accordingly.
  • Accept the fact that kids love to cling to their moms: I used to get irritated that my kid is not leaving me alone. I am not able to have a little free time for myself. Then later in life, I got to know that during initial years of childhood, kids see their moms and themselves as one. After all, they have come from inside you. Being inside for 9 months; same blood and same breath. They need some time to be on their own.
  • Stop comparing myself to others: I was married early in life and naturally had kids also. At that time, my fellow people were either studying or establishing their careers. I used to feel depressed and often used to ask God: Have I come on earth only to marry and have kids? Don’t I have any other purpose in life to breathe? But I have got all my answers from God. I am writing today and am financially free. My kids are grown up and my family is well-taken care by me along with my writing career. Today, when I sleep at night, I feel peaceful and thankful to God. I have understood that whatever happens, happens with time and when it is good for you.
  • Kids do change your lifestyle: When I was unmarried I had a different lifestyle. So naturally, before kids also, I had a different pattern of living. When every person in life brings changes, whether he/she comes or goes, then it should be fast accepting that kids will also alter your daily habits. But this wisdom was taught to me by my daughter only.

I delivered my daughter when I was much younger. Gradually, we both are growing and are maturing every day. She has made me learn so many life lessons and prepared me to raise up my second child more maturely. She has proved the saying that why children are considered to be true forms of God.

Writing this post for #MMM with Amrita and Deepa



37 thoughts on “Fading guilt

  1. You are absolutely right. Motherhood is indeed very challenging. You do your best still get the feeling that you are going wrong somewhere. But it’s very important that you let the guilts fade away. Could relate to every word of yours.

  2. I loved this post Geethica as I can relate to so many things in your post. I also got married early and had kids early. It was like reading my own story. But realised later that everything happens for good. Thanks for linking up with #MMM 🙂

  3. Loved it Geethica, Patience YES YES & a BIG YES. I agree and my best favourite is DON’T Compare yourself with other moms. How well you have articulated the entire journey of motherhood in these few points. More power to you babe.

  4. I loved reading and lots of love to J. every child is unique and so is Every Parent. After doing everything still something is left and I think its fine. Loved reading your post.

  5. This post is so real and you have written from heart. I don’t know you as a person but after reading this i felt that i know you. Keep writing more posts like these dear

  6. I guess we all want to be more patient! But as moms it gets a little hard to always wear the patience cap!

  7. Such relatable post. I agree accepting the fact that kids love to cling to their mums does brings a little peace to us. Thank you for sharing this .

    1. Thank you very much Amrita. This post took more than the usual time to complete. Maybe because I had to go 9 years back in my life and feel those emotional moments all over again.


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