Evergreen memories

There are many childhood memories, some sweet some bitter, that smells fresh even today. We grow big physically but somewhere inside we are still the smaller self. Actually, they are not memories but pages of my life that I will read once again with all of you.

Childhood memories I am thankful for

Being an elder sister- The first I am thankful for is to have a younger brother. I may not have understood this feeling at that time but today I feel blessed to have him. All my memories start with him only. As soon as I got hold of life, I have seen him around. We both may have argued as a part of sibling relationship but nothing as big as to remember. He has always been an obedient one and I loved being a little bossy to him.

The cartoons we used to watch together- I am seven years elder to him. So practically we have different tastes in life. But either the quality of cartoons was much better back in 90’s or we enjoyed watching them together. We used to finish our school work accordingly and watched together.

C.I.D- This is one series that I can watch anytime in my life. Be it silly or anything you say, I just loved them. And the funny part was that I used to train my brother to watch attentively in case I miss it any day.

Magical shows- I dreamed of Jeannie- Bewitched!- These new series were dubbed in Hindi and was a new concept. It was magical and the happy ending made us smile.

Remington Steele- Oh my! I just love Pierce Brosnan. In fact, he was my first crush or better say my first love. I had watched his detective series 3 times back to back. When StarWorld changed to the Hindi language, this serial stopped coming. And I was shattered into bits. No YouTube available back in 90’s. Now when available, I have my hands full with other responsibilities.

We all have some memories tagged as childhood memories. But the best is remembered as spent with your siblings. We want to grow faster to have more responsibilities in hand and enjoy life as adults. But when we grow, we realise what the actual reality is.

This is life and we need to learn to be happy at every stage. Because time never stops for anybody; good or bad.

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41 thoughts on “Evergreen memories

  1. Your post made me nostalgic….I am an elder sister too…. and That CID pic is just so damn good hehehehehe.

  2. I loved to watch Remington Steele too. But my favourite is Friends. I keep watching the re runs all the time. Also Nikhil Chinnappa on M- TV . I used to rush back home from college to watch him mid noon daily. This are some amazing memories. Thanks for writing this post. I went back in time.

  3. I loved Jeannie and my sister and I would mimic the way she’d shut her eyes and nod her head to make magic. Sundays were our TV days and I remember having long arguments with our mom because we wanted to watch TV the whole day.

  4. I dream of genie and Bewitched were my favourite too. I still don’t know why ACP Pradyuman shakes his hand that way. Air Daya ka naam Daya kyun rakha 🙂 Jokes apart, I loved reading your blog.

  5. Your post took me to memory lane. I loved it . Childhood and the TV time was just awsome. Now there is nothing all stories look alike.

  6. Loved the post .Bewitched was adorable I also liked several other mic shows on star World .
    We need to learn to be happy at every stage because time never stops her good or bad.
    Geethica you said something wonderful which I deeply believe in .
    Thank you for writing with us for #Thankful Thursdays

  7. We want to grow faster to have more responsibilities in hand and enjoy life as adults. But when we grow, we realise what the actual reality is- You couldn’t have said it better, Geethica.
    We miss our childhoods as it was a special time because of the innocence. I was smiling as I read that you trained your brother to watch CID when you missed it :)))
    Thank you for writing for #ThankfulThursdays


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