Colour your home your way

Shifting home always requires high energy at all levels. It is equally hectic as exciting. And I guess, it is playful only for kids. Because they get a chance to explore new things and get rid of old boring things.

It’s been 13 years since we have been living in our old home. We were really happy with the place. During these years, the place had become commercial. All day long, there was the noise of traffic and chaos. It had become impossible for families to live peacefully.

So with a heavy heart, we finally shifted to our new home. There’s plenty of work to start with. Before we place our furniture the important task was to paint the walls. Painting the walls is an important thing that when done properly enhances your home else deteriorates it all together.

I and my husband were really worried about this issue. In the new colony, we could not seek anybody’s help. Actually, we can’t trust anyone’s choice. So we decided to browse the internet. And it was not at all easy. Different companies had different shade cards. And many times it had happened with us that, we finalised one colour and it happened to be another colour on the wall.

But we had to do it. One of my friends suggested a website called Designinfo.in.

I googled the website and was truly amazed. I felt as if I have entered a showroom. I can’t explain it all, you need to be there to experience it.

  • They have a well-structured website that leads to easy browsing. Any non-technical person will feel comfortable with the user-friendly interface.
  • They have varied varieties.
  • Pantone
  • Magazines
  • RAL Colours
  • Logos and Graphics
  • Prints and Textures
  • Colour and Trend Forecast
  • Munsell Colour Devices

They have 24 hours online chat that makes buying super easy. They provide one-day delivery at your doorstep through trusted courier services like- FedEx and BLUEDART. With swarming features, I just saved the brand name www.designinfo.in

I just could not imagine losing this site. Furthur browsing, I got excited to see additional 10% discount coupon at checkout. This deal is something we would not like to miss. Their shade cards were so brilliant to study.

Wait …..Wait ….There’s more to it.

The website is providing free gifts with every product also. Do you need more?

I could not resist telling my husband about this magical website. So I called him at work and poured out what I have got on the internet. He sounded equally excited.

We designed our home accordingly and thankful to DESIGNINFO.IN for their coordination.


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