A writer is always a reader first

This quote is an interesting one for the writers as well as readers. And I will share with you both the perspectives; through a reader and a writer.

A writer’s perspective

Many times writing a particular scene requires high indulgence of dialogues, characters and conflicts among them. Writing all, in a way, to tell them directly is a little boring. A writer may include plenty of dialogues to interpret the scene that is particularly visible. The writer may now be at a loss for words since all had been told. All the creativity also comes to halt.

On the contrary, if the writer describes the situation by first describing the surrounding and then including the conflict in between, the scene can be well imagined. This makes the reader glued to your script and interested till the end. 

While showing also, not everything should be detailed. Leave some things to be imagined by the reader himself/herself. This gives an opportunity to the reader to imagine the end or the next chapter themselves. Creativity at reader’s best knowledge.

Reader’s perspective

A reader likes to imagine the scene. He/she makes an impression of the writer as soon as a paragraph is read. Thereby, showing is the best than just telling the plot. Many times the reader involves so much in the story that his/her life takes a back seat. And the characters come into reality. This is the magic of showing the story and not merely telling it.

The reader’s interest keeps developing with every new page and he/she starts imagining the end too. They keep the book down once it is finished and look out for the next edition by the same author.

Dare to differ

This quote doesn’t go correctly with articles or non-fiction. Here, you need to tell the stuff directly to the reader. Else the reader may feel lost. Most articles are regarding a particular topic so the writer needs to tell his/her opinion without showing it like a scene.

And the writer also polishes his/her skills by reading other’s piece of work and appreciating them along.

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40 thoughts on “A writer is always a reader first

  1. Well said. Can’t show too little, and can’t show too much 🙂 Else the reader’s interest wavers. I like that kind of writing, especially in fiction.

  2. Geethica, i truly admire the depth in your writing! You give a lot of thought and seems like your mind is always working, thinking, generating thoughts. I loved the perspective you presented here, two different sides of the same coin. Beautiful and insightful read indeed.

  3. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing. Yes, Readers get glued to the story through imagination due to writer’s amazing skills of portraying the scene perfectly

  4. Awesome post for new writers as wel. Great tips on writting. A good writing can do wonders on readers mind. So there’s always a lot of creative mind behind any good writing.

  5. Wonderful tips . I too am a person who loves to imagine the world writer creates through the writing. 😊😊

  6. Yes true the readers interests increase with every page he reads and starts to imagine the ending of the story too.
    Very well written post.


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