Who scores more?

There is always a question when it comes to parenting that who’s the best? Mother or father? Being a parent when I hear this question, it just fuels me up. How can either of us be better than another? It is always both of us. A child needs both the parents. Similarly, both the parents have different styles of parenting with the same reason.

Differences with similarities

  • A mother is always emotionally strong whereas a father is physically strong.
  • Mother plans ahead and organises but father enjoys the present moments.
  • Mother usually prefers home cooked food and father takes his family for outings and dinners.
  • Mother gets tired of cleaning the home and keeping the things back to their places and father takes out another game out of the box just because they decided to start another one.
  • Mother instil traditional values in the child and father shows how to implement those values into the world.
  • Mother builds the bond between the child and the father. The father explains it to the child why the mother needs the ‘me time’.  

During many conflicts, one of the parents has to let go of his/her ego because it is in the favour of their child. And that is acceptable. 

Both have different ways of parenting with the same reason behind. The reason being that they both love their child unconditionally and always work for their well-being.

Have you also encountered such differences with similarities as a parent? Do share with the world!

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8 thoughts on “Who scores more?

  1. The differences with similarities have been very aptly put down. Its like at the end of the day, both the parents play different roles yet achieving a common goal for better upbringing of the kids.

  2. Yes..there are things which mothers do and there are things which fathers do but its the balance which works for kids and parenitng. Thanks for writing for #MMM


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