The memories alive

The human mind is always wandering. When you are doing a thing at one time, you want to grab the other also. I am also sailing on the same ship. I have been busy writing for a client then got involved in some groups to increase my followers. In between all this, I realised what I had missed miserably and that is writing for #MondayMommyMoments with Deepa and Amrita.

So today, I have squeezed out myself from every other work and writing for my family #MMM.

Every moment shared with your loved ones becomes a memory. And there are plenty of ways to store these memories.

Living with memories or storing them?

When kids come into your life, you want to store each and every moment. So where or how do I store them?

  1. SCRAPBOOK- When my daughter was born, I captured every single achievement of hers. Later, I used to develop the photos and paste them into a scrapbook. I wrote small descriptions along with photos to make them more interesting. Whenever she used to sleep, I would decorate the scrapbook.
  2. CAMERA- Slowly, the speed of maintaining the scrapbook mellowed down. Now the photos were in the camera memory only waiting to be developed and to be added to the scrapbook.
  3. LAPTOP- Now my son was born. The juggling had just started. And I was not able to maintain the neither scrapbook nor the camera. So the next best option was to capture through mobile phones and store them in a laptop.
  4. MOBILE- Later, things got so messed up that raising the kids was enough. Who’s got the time to arrange them also? Still, I clicked out of habit and the photos stayed in my mobile forever waiting to be transferred to the laptop.
  5. MEMORIES- And now the situation is very shuffled. With kids around, home and family to be taken care of and to top it all, my love of writing. I have stopped clicking each and every moment. Why overburden the phone memory also?

Some memories are best kept alive in the heart. When you close your eyes, they come alive that overshadows any scrapbook or laptop folder.


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52 thoughts on “The memories alive

  1. I agree with last few lines before anything. Memories are stored in heart always and stay there too. The List is similar as my ideas. Thanks Geethica for linking up with #MMM

  2. This reminds me, I need to go back to the old school way of keeping my memories sacred! I shouldn’t wait on Facebook to let me know what I did a year from now! Thanks for this post!!

  3. I feel lucky that i have many tools to keep in safe my wonderful memories with my kids n my family n friends too.. I mostly use ofcourse my moblie phone to store these.. But as u said heart is also a secret safe for such memories..

  4. I love to open up my photo albums , so I made sure I click many pictures of my daughter and preserve them. It’s wonderful when you look back at the memories.

  5. Every new year I make a photo collage calendar of all the lovely memories from the same month in the previous year. This has been a long standing tradition in my family and now after my marriage I make 2 such calendars…one for my place and one for my parents’ place.

  6. Beautiful post. I agree memories are just too precious and not all can be captured through camera, let them be in our heart.

  7. Very good post. In today modern world, we are so busy capurting pictures and storing memories that we sometimes forget to live in the moment.

  8. Great post Geethica! It’s true we have so many memories in our hearts that it’s hard to make a hard copy of everything!


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