The driving force

It took me long to start my blog- my love. I never asked myself why I am starting it? Because I always loved writing. When I was younger I wrote to come out of depression and frustration. What I could not say out aloud, I wrote and felt better. It was better than crying on my own weaknesses.

Growing a little, I searched good things in my life and started to be thankful for them. Now I started writing when I felt good also. Slowly and gradually, I came to know about the power of the internet. What can’t be published in papers can now be easily published on the web.

But you need readers for your work. And once I got them, there’s no stopping and looking back. They drive you crazier and you write more.

There are many reasons for starting a blog

  1. Share my voice– Blogging is the best medium I have found to share my ideologies and find many of my kind. It is so vast and there are so many talented bloggers out there.
  2. Food for my soul– I got married early in life and it took me 9 long years to find out what I am good at. Later, I saw that writing could also be a career. My Mom-in-law always encouraged me to do something I am talented at. And here I am writing all day and night that makes me peaceful.
  3. Columnist– I want to be a columnist for a daily newspaper or a regular magazine. My poem also got published in a magazine. But that was it. It takes the time to reoccur. Whereas, I found the web as a fast growing platform. It rises like a fire. So here, I am a blogger first.
  4. Crave to be independent- I formed a family and know to run a home. But now I wanted to move further. I didn’t want to be a working lady who was not aware of her responsibilities so here I was. I waited for my kids to be a little bigger and then I planned to earn through my creativity. It is not that my earning is running a kitchen but a satisfaction to my soul. That yes, I have some talent that can make me financially independent.
  5. Learn– There is so much to learn by reading other’s blogs. I never thought that I will be owning a website. But here the friends are so helpful and talented.

Every other day, there is something new to cherish. This is the essence of Blogging.

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6 thoughts on “The driving force

  1. I love blogging, however, I was very sceptical about starting a blog. But, once I started, I found it quite addictive.

    You have mentioned valid points (for starting a blog) here. I wish you all the very best. Keep blogging. ๐Ÿ™‚


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