Hello, there is a guest at my site today. Let me introduce her to all of you.


6 thoughts on “A simple teenager in Kolkata

  1. Oh well, to be young and confused and to not fit in! I have been there, felt that.. I was born and broughtt up in UP and then I had t study in Kerala, a place I had no clue about. I was too outgoing, too outspoken, too forward lol! People couldn’t adjust with my frankness totally. I am now back to mumbai, and I still think people find me a tad bit weird, but now in my 30s I hardly care.

    I love that you have found a thing that you love to do. SO lucky. I just kept reading to hide my disappointment with my situation lol!!

    Don’t really bother about the world, and fitting in. Why fit in, when you are born to stand out!! <3<3 Much Love

    1. Hello,It’s great to read your comment. I hope your life gets sorted and you live well in Mumbai. Lot’s of love and good wishes.Thank you for your complement 🙂


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