This is yet another story revolving around different human emotions and moods. The ebook POTPOURRI OF EMOTIONS AND MOODS is written by SNEHA SASIKUMAR. The author is a Cancerian. She is known for being extremely emotional and thought to justify this notion of hers through this ebook.

The ebook revolves around

She has started her ebook with the word ‘Anticipation’ that describes the initial state of mind of an author. She further suggests challenging one’s creativity when bored in life. As the ebook progresses, you will find more inspirational topics like courage, how to avoid disappointment, empathy and much more. The author also helps to come out of one’s own guilt. 

Kindness and love are the sweetest of emotions that the author has shared here. A different perspective is shown towards MELANCHOLY. She has beautifully described the essence of Wonder in our life. She stresses upon that age is just a number and there is no particular age to learn new things. 

She closes her book by thanking the Lord.

My opinion

My favourite phrase from the ebook is ‘ When humbleness touches pride, pride becomes a positive emotion.’ The blogger friends of the author have contributed really well to the ebook. She has chosen good creatives to explain her theory of life and emotions filling it. She has a positive attitude towards life and distributes happiness in her every post.

However, in one or two posts, you may find very little to read. But that’s perfectly fine. After all, you need some break from reading and just want to watch some pictures.

About the author

Strong willed | Sapiosexual |Cheerful person and a true Cancerian!!! Brought up in Andaman islands and living up in a place where people respect another person for their individuality and not the profession, caste or religion has made her a very cosmopolitan in nature and not believe in what many called as taboos. She is a passionate dancer. She enjoys travelling, trying everything possible in life.

She is tech lead working with a service based firm and have been in Bengaluru for the last 7 years. She blogs at LIFE AS A POTPOURRI, please do drop in on her blog to find a mixed bag of topics some funny some serious, some creative some opinionated.


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