While publishing my ebook with Blogchatter Ebook carnival, I have found some interesting and informative ebooks of other authors. And today, I am going to review CHERYL STERLING’S ebook- WRITING TOOLS.

What is the book all about?

The book contains 26 tips on how to improve your writing. It helps you in marketing your book once you have published it. There are various social platforms that the author has discussed here. These platforms promote your work across the web in some simple steps.

The author has introduced applications like Canva etc. to make personalized creatives and beautify your blogs. There is a blog called Hero’s journey. This is to the advantage of fiction writers. Then the author has explained the various stages of fiction writing. A very interesting fact about character development, penned by the author, is through numerology. You can find the procedure to do so in the blog starting from N. Next she talks about Outlining which is the back bone of every successful writing. When the whole idea is on the paper, it is easier to frame it. Rather than recalling again and again where there is a doubt of missing some important points.

She has also shown the importance of Revisions in your work. Another important chapter written here is Vomiting draft. This says to just write and not look back. Don’t judge your writing but drain your thoughts.Moving ahead there is another important lesson Z-ZEROABLE. This says to avoid all those letters,without which also, the sentence reads out correctly.

My opinion

The author has collected real important topics for aspiring writers. This book can be kept as a pocket guide for newbies. It has all the necessary points for non fiction writers and fiction writers. And the most important of all to promote your published work. The author has gathered almost all social platforms for promotions. She tells us how the promotions are equally important as drafting the post. She has shown tremendous effort in her book to support writers. The author is sharing her experience of 18 years in the writing industry.

There is not a single low point in the book except that it is written in Alphabetical order. Because of this order, the posts are inter mixed. Some posts are for fiction writers and the others in between are for non fiction writers. The social platforms also come according to their starting letters. 

But as written earlier, this book is a compilation of 26 posts of AtoZChallenge, so it has to be this way only. The author has done true justice to her work.

I strongly recommend all the writers to download this ebook and get benefited from it.I am attaching the free downloadable link here.

 The author in person

Cheryl Sterling is an American author of paranormal and contemporary romance novels and short stories. She is co-founder and past president of Grand Rapid Region Writers Group in Grand Rapids.MI. She has conducted several workshops that focused on the writing craft and co- chaired their first regional conference.

Her passion is learning and improving her craft but mostly she is a teacher.

Cheryl currently lives in Phoenix with her husband and their dog, Coco Xena.


5 thoughts on “The Review-CHERYL STERLING

  1. It is indeed a very good guide for beginners… especially because it introduces them to the necessity to promote a book as well as writing it well.

    I found that there is a lot in here, covered very swiftly, so I kept feeling I wanted to know more, in spite of all the material. But I think that’s not bad. We get a glance at many things, then we’ll have time to bite into them on our own 😉


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