This is another interesting ebook that I have picked up for reviewing from The Blogchatter Ebook Carnival-Season Two. And the name of this beautifully created ebook is GETTING THE 21ST CENTURY HOME by ANKITA BHOYE.

The author has written this book to help you in setting up a contemporary home for yourself and that too all by yourself. This ebook is quite colourful. The index is constructed with every minute detail.

Architectural and Interior Designing are well defined with their distinctive role in designing a home. She further explains the importance of a reception or an entrance lobby to any commercial area. This creates the first impression among their clients.

She has also introduced an interesting new term- ECLECTIC DECOR. To know you have to read on. There is also something for SAHM moms like me. She has designed the kitchen very attractively from where every human survives.

She has stressed on being always open to innovations and new ideas.

All her advice comes in the budget.  There is a chapter called-MAN’S CAVE. I guess the topic is self- explanatory. At the end, she has proven that nothing is completed without a touch of vintage.

My opinion

Her pictures are so dramatic that I almost skipped reading her chapters. Each and every corner of the home and commercial space is taken well care of.

She has described every procedure in easy to follow steps. You need not be a designer by profession because the author has really worked hard to make her book easier to her readers.

My personal favourite is Quirky designs but I could not ignore the last chapter- ZONING WITHIN A ROOM. Because every person has a favourite corner in his/her room. And this chapter details about the same.

While reading the book, you will never feel off the track or to close the book in between.

In fact, while reading only you would want to take a pause and try what the author suggests.

About the author

She is a blogger at ANKINESS. It is an Interior Design and Lifestyle blog. She is an architecture student and is strongly drawn towards design, decor, DIY and lights. She likes to find a balance between traditional and modern style.

She posts about tips and tricks for interior designing and some inspiration for residential and commercial spaces.


I strongly recommend to read this ebook and change your lifestyle. You can download the ebook from here


2 thoughts on “The Review- ANKITA BHOYE

  1. That’s a great review, you are really honest and I will work on my mistakes for sure. I like the fact that you want to go ahead and try ideas that the book suggests, that’s a big won for me.
    Again, thanks for this beautiful review, I appreciate it from the core of my heart.


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