Remain stress-free

There are so many times when I don’t feel good. I don’t know the reasons but there are some reasons that are beyond my control;

when hormones play their own game

or when kids are as always not listening to you

or sometimes when the situation is out of control.

I know I cannot do anything about it but the reality remains that my mood is bad now. Stress has taken over me. Stress that only harms you and nothing more or nothing less. And I have to deal with this. I get irritated like any other person but when people around me are also affected, I feel bad. 

Later, I think I could have controlled my temper. But how?

Steps to uplift your mood

  1. I write, write and just write. This has always proven to be the best. I pour out all the hot bubbles rising high inside me onto a paper. This is my way to talk to God. He knows everything but I will still tell him. By the end of the paper, I feel better, a little lighter.
  2. Meditate. I close myself into a room and connect with God. I chant his name repeatedly. Initially, I hear his name called harshly by me and slowly and gradually, his name reaches my ears softly. I get calmer. 
  3. Go out. Whenever possible, go out and just let yourself free in the lap of nature; like you would in the lap of your mother. Believe me, nature has the answer to all of your queries and powers to heal your mood.

I have tried all these methods to de-stress myself. You can also try them out for yourself. What are your ways to lift your mood?

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11 thoughts on “Remain stress-free

  1. I can relate to the first method to de-stress of course. 🙂 I’ll try the other two.

    At times, I turn to comfort food when I’m stressed. chocolate (or something sweet) works a lot. 😀

  2. I just love the positivity boost in this boost! These are such interesting coping mechanisms, and i honestly haven’t tried any long enough to be able to report the kind of benefits you have mentioned… must revisit these ideas!


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