Growing together

Working for a particular brand, I saw my fellow blogger’s name also in the list, I felt envious. Oh my God, she is also writing for the same? What if she writes better than me? Initially, I thought I can grow alone. I just need to work hard and when I meet right people at the right time, I will establish myself.

This was me when I started blogging. Little did I realize that if others are also working on the same project, that only leads to explosion of more ideas in the community.

Thriving artists collaborates with others. No artist can grow all by herself. Knowledge is one supreme quality that can never be taken from you but multiplies when you share. There is no competition when you all move towards the same goal.

In fact the whole community grows together and every individual is benefited. When you help others, you feel good about it. They feel thankful for your help and you feel blessed.

Example from our body

Our body is made up of five elements-water, fire, air, earth and sky. Each element has its own importance and responsibility. If they all fight and compete with each other, water will cool of the fire in the body. This way our body will have no heat inside and our body will stop working.

On the contrary, all these elements are working together and don’t interfere in each other’s path.

Likewise, when we are in a community, we get to learn so many things. We realize that there is so much talent in us also that is waiting t be shared with others.

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