The Ebook effect #BlogchatterEbook

“I take on the baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival from Suchita Agarwal whose Ebook Mayank is also a part of the mix.”

About Suchita’s EBook: A short story of rediscovering yourself and what it means to be happy – revolving around the sea.

This whole month has been a busy one. The Ebook Carnival has brought so many changes to many of the bloggers. And I am one of them.

The month of April kept me engrossed in writing for A to Z Challenge. It was mentioned earlier by Blogchatter that after the challenge the bloggers are most welcome to convert their 26 blogs into an e-book. I took it as another task from Blogchatter and started working on it.

Little did I realise that this carnival will bring such positive changes to me and my life.

  • The sweetest surprise to my ears was listening to my name as AUTHOR GEETHICA. That was the changing point in my life.
  • I started searching for ways to self-publish myself. There I got to know that the process could be completed in some simple steps.
  • I changed from a blogger to an author.
  • A sense of responsibility had come within me. I learnt that your hard work will yield the best results.
  • Publishing an ebook is only a starting chapter of an author’s life. The author has to be social all the time. Promoting the book is the most tedious work of all.
  • My blogs were just my writings until I changed them into an ebook through this carnival.
  • I tasted this little success when my social friends started congratulating me online. Adding to this little fame, I was elated when my known friends talked about my success and congratulated me for being an author.

The carnival has brought many changes in me as a writer. I think like an author. I live like an author. I have to achieve many more milestones ahead. And I am enjoying the journey.


“I pass on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival to Paresh Godhwani whose Life in Local train is also a part of the mix.

About Paresh’s Ebook: It’s a commuter’s story and you will establish direct connection with it because we often travel by train and while travelling via train, we experience a lot of things and create a lot of memories. This book will remind you those experiences and will help you in reliving those memories. Above all, it will tell you about the commuters’ life in local train.



28 thoughts on “The Ebook effect #BlogchatterEbook

  1. I still have to compile that book of mine!
    Good luck to you. I know you will be a big writer soon! 🙂

  2. This is wonderful! Wishing you a very successful writing career. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

  3. Turning to an author is a great feeling but it also brings in a huge responsibility to keep improving and be in the game… congrats and all the best!!


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