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As Father’s day is approaching, there is praising of dads everywhere. Fathers play an equally important role as the mothers in the life of kids. I have seen my man changing from a husband to a father overnight. Like mothers, they also get confused all of a sudden. But we should also give them some time to adjust and adapt themselves to new roles.


  • Dad is the coolest one in the family. Have you ever seen a dad shouting or getting hyper on kids? No. That’s because it is a mum’s job.
  • He bravely controls the kids and also the mom when she is tense and not in the mood to do anything.
  • Situations that are stress giving for mothers are not the same for fathers. Have you noticed this? It is because their favourite phrase is ” ok, let it be!!”
  • When the mom is unwell, he is the strongest to manage the kids, family and even the kitchen.
  • Dad is the favourite because anything becomes expensive anytime and the next day something becomes inexpensive the same time. Confused? That is why they are dads and we are moms. And the kids keep trying their luck.
  • He is also emotional but prefers to hide it because we moms are the best at it.

Does your spouse also have similar qualities? Do share with the world and let him feel proud.

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40 thoughts on “Daddy strongest

  1. Our Tatha ( that’s what the kids call him) is the strongest ❤️❤️🙌🏾 Happy Father’s Day to all amazing he wonderful Dads out there

  2. It is funny and relatable. I agree, Dads are the coolest one in the family because of their favorite dialogue let it be….LOL. @momtasticworld.

  3. Situations that are stress giving for mothers are not the same for fathers. I completely agree. Things for which I fret, he will handle it with absolute poise.


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