That ONE emotion

Being a mother has changed me completely.

I am living in a vicious circle.

When they are around, I want to be away from them in search of peace.

When they are not around, I miss them that very moment.

How can I decide that one thing about being a mother?

My work at home never ends.

I keep on cleaning the home and they keep on messing the home.

I want to be calm but end up yelling at them.

I want to be stress-free but end up thinking worse.

How can I decide that one thing I like about being a mother?

They get hurt and I feel the pain.

They drink water and I quench my thirst.

They snatch my bite and I serve them before me.

They feel the happiest to get their favourite thing

and I feel blessed thanking God.

I discovered within and found that one thing I like about being a mother.


Yes, I became selfless overnight,

 felt peaceful and closer to God!

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