Small makes you Big

Thank you is a small word but makes you big when you say it. It describes your character and humble nature. My grandfather used to say, the more you grow up in life the more your feet should be grounded on the earth. It is often seen that when we become successful in our field and financially independent, we tend to forget all those people who helped throughout our successful journey. Instead, we should start to thank one by one as soon as we get help from them.

Because your behaviour goes a long way when you are alive and even when you are not anymore.

My way to say thank you is very simple:

  1. Whenever  I want to say thank you to my parents or husband, I get a gift of their choice and hide it in their cupboard with a small note. When they see it immediately they come to me and smile. That makes my day. When my kids do something worth appreciating, I get a small gift for them. I tell them how they helped me in a particular manner and that is why they are being gifted. This idea of saying thank you goes well with every age group.
  2. Remember those who are always thankful and try to learn something from them. Everyone has a unique way. There is always something to learn from everyone. Only the fact is that you should have a bird’s view to capture that quality.
  3. When I get up in the morning, I thank God for another day in my life. I pray to be good to everyone and make this day purposeful to me, my family, my society and this whole world. When I lie down at the end of every day, I thank God. I thank Him for all the pleasures in my life. For every small and big thing, I am blessed with.

There is so much thankfulness around us.  When we say thank you we feel good from inside. We feel lighter from inside and closer to humanity.

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