My Carbon Copy

I guess girls tend to copy their mothers while growing up. And mothers also see their own reflection in their daughters.

I remember my daughter was just some months old. She used to drink milk in my lap and would stare into my eyes for throughout her drinking session. She couldn’t speak that time so I couldn’t even ask her what she was thinking?

I realised that girls admire their mother’s‘ actions so closely from an early age.As she grew up, I could see me in her. Slowly and gradually, she started looking alike me too.

You feel proud when your good habits are seen in your daughter but when you see her repeating your bad habits…….

My Kid is turning out to be exactly like me. Well played, Karma.

My daughter is my mirror. When I feel proud of her, at the same time I feel ashamed of myself. Do I look like this when I shout? Or do I sound so bad when I react in a particular way?

And this is the time when I start correcting myself. I start looking for the reasons why I behave irritated. And then the clear reasons comes out- the workload; my incompetency to take out time for my writing. Because writing is therapeutic to me.

But I make her understand that there is a difference between me and her. I am the mother and she is the daughter. I have the world to take care of and she does not even take care of herself. So there is no comparison between us.

Well, many times we have to behave differently. And the results are still different. I guess that is what is called life!!

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2 thoughts on “My Carbon Copy

  1. You are right Geethica, it’s so difficult to see and accept our limitations in them.
    But then I think this is the way we will improve ourselves. We can’t compare but I think Kids won’t understand when we justify our behavior. All I say after my unreasonable burst out is Sorry.


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