Messenger of God-Mother

A mother is the best teacher on this Earth. God cannot be everywhere so He created mother. Rather I believe that a mother is that divine soul who depicts lessons of God. A newborn baby believes in his mother without a doubt. He never questions her but blindly follows her. She is the connection between the child and the world.

Qualities from her 

There are some qualities I have taken from my mother which are blessing in disguise.

  • Always be independent– Don’t wait for others to offer help or start. Be confident and start doing things your own way. This way you will learn to work hard and finish all within the deadline.
  • Be organised- Always learn to organise things early in your mind. Sort out things to do yourself and delegate the ones that can be done by others. This way you will have time to apply plan B if the first one fails.
  • Be emotionally strong- The world is not always praising. Many times they try to pull you down and ignore because they are jealous of you. But your family is always with you. They will always be the pillar of strength for you what may come. Don’t be vulnerable so that the world take advantage of you.
  • You can’t please everyone- There are all variety of humans here. You can’t make everyone happy. So do what suits you the best; your soul agrees with. Do the thing about which you are 100%sure and that gives you peace.
  • Leave the rest- When you don’t find any solution to a particular problem, just leave it. Leave it for that particular moment; for that day. The next morning you will surely get new options. Still, if you don’t get then accept the fact that you can’t do all. You have to leave something.

  I guess all our mothers have something to teach their children. They are our true teachers of life.

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10 thoughts on “Messenger of God-Mother

  1. Oh I love the Can’t be nice to everyone.. my Mom always say this. Mom’s vices are like happiness mantras keep us sane and strong even in the worst of times.
    Beautiful post

  2. Such wise advice Geethica.The world definitely will not always praise us .But we need to always be their for people whod do support us.Being kind,strong and independent makes one a very attractive human being.Thank you for always sharing such positive thoughts with us on #Thankfulthursdays


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