Make him listen

“Can you please pick up that book?”


“Aree I am waiting. Have you heard what I said?”


“If you leave that mobile, you will listen what am I saying?”

Isn’t this conversation sounds like our own conversation with our hubby?

The real point

Well, the post this week is a quirky one. It took me hours to go back to memories and think about it.  Is there any time in a day when your husbands listen to you?

I guess they have 4 eyes but no ears. You try telling them a hell lot of things but they will listen to only the one they are interested. Or for that matter, they don’t listen to anything. Because of this, when they don’t react, you feel confused. Did they hear or not? Why is it so?

And it is not with only husbands but with almost every men. But yes, we have the best control over our husbands only!!

Suggestions or experiences?

I could gather only a few points when I can make my man listen to me. I hope that works for some of you too.

  • Never try to talk to him when he is watching some match or listening to some debate on news channel. The same goes with his mobile. He will not listen. In fact, he may not be knowing that you are sitting next to him.
  • When he talks to you, give your full attention. At the end, start your conversation. He will be in full mood for discussion.
  • When he’s driving, there are more chances that he is interested in some conversations. At this time you can recall all your saved points to discuss with him.
  • Going out to dinners and coffees are the best time to share your views on the topics of your interests. This is a fruitful time.
  • At night just before retiring to bed, you can open up with your views. But when you have kids around, then forget even to utter a word because they have their own stories to narrate first.

 Every woman has her own style to tackle her husband. I would love to hear your views on the same. 

Well, I have sprinkled this post with more fun. 

Hello everyone out there, I have a blogger friend at my website today who will add a men’s point of view to this post. Interesting?

Meet Pulkit Sharma who blogs at www.menstellar.com that is dedicated completely to men and their world. You can directly contact him at 

Email Id- themask0197@gmail.com

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Pulkit has a different perspective towards the post above. He adds some relationship qualities to look for in a life partner. To know more, check out his link.

9 Relationship qualities to look for in a life partner

So did you enjoy it? Let me know what more you wanna know.


17 thoughts on “Make him listen

  1. Haha..!! This was a fun post, Geethica! I never dare say a single word when he is watching TV or getting ready for work because I know he won’t listen and we’ll end up having an argument!
    He listens best when driving or having his meals…


  2. The little ones always have more stuff to share.Thats totally true.No use trying to make them change.What I do nowadays Is declare I am going to go shopping tomorrow, so you need to do all house work and I will need your debit cards.Wow I get his attention absolutely!

  3. Haha..good one Geethica. I agree on all points especially the driving one. That time actually they listen as they dont have any other option. 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #MMM. 🙂

  4. hahaha I love the creatives Geethica! Too cool…. yes you rightly mentioned – while watching TV, surfing phones they won’t even realize our presence.
    Dinner chat & driving talks are quite handy. Thanks for sharing.


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