Life saving friends

There are many people in our life we come across from the day we are born. When we don’t even understand the language, we feel the touch and decide who’s warm and who’s harsh. Some become friends, some become very good friends and some become two layered friends. 

But every friend in life teaches a lesson. And the art is to learn and leave and move ahead. One should be able to differentiate between the types of friends and behave accordingly. But that comes with maturity I guess.

I am thankful for 

My first friend in life with whom I felt the essence of friendship. Just 4 years old around, I tasted the sweetness and realised how cute a friendship could be. We grew apart within 2-3 years of our friendship due to change of school and residence. But the friendship shaped into letters and phone calls. Our letter pad had everything from small fights out of no reason to nice achievements of the age. Now we are married and busy with kids but meet occasionally and nurture our bond.  

My bunch of friends I made when I grew a little older. Being friends, they were always strangers to me. They were mean and jealous people. They were not happy with one’s growth. They were in my life for a reason. They taught me how to be independent. I tried to come out of my comfort zone and started searching for new friends. I learnt to adjust in new situations. They changed me from an introvert to an independent and confident girl.

My friend for a lifetime whom I met in college. Those were the golden years of our lives. We got along from day one. We had shared the darkest of the secrets and solved the deadliest of complexities of each other. She’s been through thick and thin. We have fought for silly reasons and made up for better consequences. True well-wishers of each other, we have always prayed to grant happiness to all.

There are many stages in life when you feel a person is close to your heart. That person makes a special place in your heart without any effort. These are called true friends. Friends for life!

Have you ever come across such persons in life?

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  1. It is unbelievable that you’re still friends with someone who you met when you were 4. That’s amazing. We all need that BFF who is always by your side too. You’re one fortunate person.


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