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Y-Your true value

I am excited to reach Y-YOUR TRUE VALUE. Have you ever wondered about your true value in life? In fact, what are the factors that determine our true value?

The Meaning

Well, there is no specific meaning in the dictionary as such. Maybe, things that demand self-experience are often left unexplained by the dictionary. Anyhow, I have plenty of examples to share with you and make the phrase familiar to you.

Your true value means your self-respect and dignity.

“Never chase a person that doesn’t know your worth because the moment you catch him you will always feel you were never good enough.”
Shannon L. Alder 

When you feel rejected by the society in any terms, have you questioned your true value?

Think Again

  • Every single human being has been given a distinguish value to his existence.
  • This society is important because when they let you down, you try to focus on your abilities. You start searching for that one factor that drives you crazy even in the middle of a night.
  • No matter how many of them kick you out but you will always be caressed by the one who created you -GOD. Just the same way as your mother caresses you in spite of all your disabilities.

 Value of a person is earned and not bought

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21 thoughts on “Y-Your true value

  1. True, knowing your true worth is essential. Too often we tend to put our worth based on comparisons with friends or siblings or parental expectations or some other external factor.


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