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Today, I will discuss X-XENIAL.  This word is new to me, I don’t use it regularly. So I had to research a little bit more about it. After I got the meaning, I felt happy and I am sure you will also feel the same.

The meaning

Of, relating to, or constituting hospitality or relations between host and guest and especially among the ancient Greeks between persons of different cities.

So basically it is a Greek word.

Do you have xenial relationships with your guests at home? Maybe with some people and may not be with others. Like we are automatically attracted to some and on the other hand, we can’t stand some people’s company for a second.

Childhood days

When we were young, we could be choosy to like and dislike our guests. I remember, greeting nicely the relatives who had children of my age. I used to be happy all day long playing with them. On the contrary, making faces on the arrival of some whom I didn’t like at like. I just waited for them to vacate my drawing room.

Well, with maturity I learnt to be genuinely humble with my guests simply for the reason that this is what I would be expecting from them.

Different ways to be Xenial

  • You may not be able to be xenial with all of your guests. But yes, the least you can give them is a smile that does wonders.
  • You may not be a cooking person but an order on phone could be the least you can do. Or if there’s a help at home, you can just delegate.
  • Some relationships themselves become xenial without an effort and some need to be made with time.


your gifts may be fast forgotten


The Xenial relationships made with your guests will last a lifetime!

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9 thoughts on “X-Xenial

  1. New word for me as well:)
    Airbnb & modern life has affected xenial relations. These days people are sharing their homes with strangers, who then become friends!

    1. Yes that’s true Natasha. We Indians are xenial from birth I guess because we grow up listening to ‘ATHITHI DEVO BHAV’. Thanks for commenting dear.


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