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Today, I feel good about reaching so far and still going strong. Thanks to this loving and appreciating community of bloggers.

This spirit of love has increased my willingness to learn new things, to accept my faults and my responsibilities.

And hereby, I discuss with you about W-WILLINGNESS

What is the meaning?

Inclined or favourably disposed of in mind


Of or relating to the will or power of choosing

Well, I feel if you are willing to do something then that task is finished before you even realise it. And, on the contrary, if you are not willing to do so then it may take ages and still, the task will not be finished.

Where am I willing?

In school, I had so many subjects that I didn’t like to know about. But still, I had to learn about them for tests. There was no willingness in me to read about them. I just dragged them along just to be passed. I think I still don’t remember what I did when I teach my daughter about them. The same boring feeling comes over me and I find no willingness to read them again.

But, I had to hide such feelings from my child. Simply because she may also not get the same feeling.

Anyhow, I liked English and Sanskrit very much. I was a little sad also when there was a rule to study Sanskrit only till 10th grade. There was a lot of willingness to me to learn the subject but there was a relief with English subject.

I liked everything about the subject. My teachers and the style of exams. Even the syllabus.

After so many years, I found my lost love in writing, where my soul connects with eternity.

There is the willingness to me to accept my fault. To accept the fact that I chose all the wrong subjects during my career making years. I was not clear with my future and left myself to be taken away by destiny.

There is the willingness to me to accept my responsibilities towards my family. It is not like that today I am busy blogging so I will not look after my family or kids. I am willing to do everything I can because I am loving my work at the first place.

I am willing to learn more and more about what interests me.

There is so much to learn and upgrade yourself, only needed is our willingness to do so.

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  1. So well said, Geethica. The challenge is about to get over and we are surviving it! Happily! Making new connections and thriving the older ones!



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