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U-Unification of mind & body

Coming towards the end, with only some alphabets left, I reach U-UNIFICATION . Are you able to guess what it means? Well, I will give you here and try to tell you in simpler words.


the act, process, or result of bringing or coming together into or as if into a single unit or group.

Mind and body were originally one. Do not think that the power you have is only the power you ordinarily use and mean that you have little strength. The power you usually use is the small, visible segment of an iceberg.

When we unify our mind and body and become one with the universe, we can use the great power that is naturally ours.


This is true in every aspect. But yes it is not known to all or rather we don’t pay attention to this power within us. Power always resonate to physical strength. You must be aware of the fact that it is our mind that trains the body to work. So naturally, if you flow positivity then the body follows positive actions and vice verse.

This happens with a lot of practice and patience. Often we break down in the middle only because it requires high meditation; detachment from outside world and full concentration.

My personal achievement

If you have been a regular reader of my blogs, you must have come across an audio book The power of your sub-conscious mind by Joseph Murphy.


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This book has helped me shaping my strong character today. It has shown me the power of my mind. The effect of my thoughts on body and well being. It gives you some real examples from life that shows the real effect on you. You would fear negative thoughts because you will see positive effects when you think positive.

I have tried to unify my mind with my body to heal my headache. It’s been more than 2 years that I don’t take medication for a headache instead train my mind to heal my headache. I constantly repeat these lines

My head is working fine 

The pain is going out of mind

I have a healthy and strong body

But the main power is in your thoughts. You should believe that it will happen. When you are doubtful about yourself, your sub-conscious follows that confusion and does not work positively.

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