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Time is the most important factor that rules our lives.

Many of us agree to this and many may not but time matters.

What has the dictionary to say?

a nonspatial continum that is measured in terms of events which succeed one another from past through present to future


the point or period when something occurs

There is a specific time for everything. No matter how hard I try to achieve a thing but if the time is not correct, I may not get it or get partially. But the hard work never goes waste, it will always be counted and will be kept aside for future.

Observe carefully yourself. Not listening to an astrologer but your inner self. When your time favours you, even the little work done by you yields best of the results.

My time

I wasted my teen years in just knowing what I love to do. But I didn’t get any clear answers. I was confused so as to how my career will shape? What is my future?

And here, after 10 years of marriage and a family to look after, I have known where my soul lies. It took me years to see clearly what I have to do with my life. The purpose of my life has become clear. I had been trying for so long but my time has come just now. The time for my creativity. The time to make use of my potential to the fullest. The creativity that gives me eternal peace when I write.ย 

And now with the motive in hand and my creativity on paper, I am 100% sure that the time is in my favour. I am meeting the right people at the right time that makes my journey fruitful and my destination more cherishable.

You may ask that when the time has come then the time may go also.ย 

Yes, very true.ย 

At that time, I would be somewhere in my life, maintaining what I have achieved if not adding more to it. And if everything slips away also from my hand, then I will accept it as my God’s decision. He may have stored something different for me at that stage.

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26 thoughts on “T-Time

  1. How wonderful that you found your calling! Iโ€™m still searching for mine, so it was lovely reading such a positive post. ๐Ÿ™‚
    With Love,

  2. Time is precious, time must be cherished. Whether good or bad. Thanks for your lovely thoughts Geethica. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. The time for your creativity has definitely arrived .Its wonderful how much hard work you are doing Geethica.Appreciate you taking up the #Atoz challenge ,writing for #MondayMommyMoments and #ThankfulThursdays.You are one super woman and mommy Goddess rolled into one.Loads of best wishes for all your dreams .

  4. I can so much resonate with this post, Geethica. I wasted all my school life and didn’t know what I wanted or what was I good at. A heart break and a few low situations made me realise the love for writing I have! But I feel, in the end I got the answer right? And that is what matters!


  5. It was lovely reading this post, just like you even I spent my whole teenage finding what I really wanted to do in life. I believe now the time is right to actually do what makes me happy. The thing that I’ve learnt so far is, there is nothing called ‘Right Time’ the time that you do something right for yourself is changes the time into right time.

  6. Time is everything and it is something we take for granted. Only if we remember the worth of time and plan things accordingly..but no one can judge as its really unpredictable. Good one.

  7. Time is an invaluable asset. Having said that, each of us are living in our own time zones in different areas of life. Some find things they are looking for early in life, some later, some struggle all their lives. Nice thoughts on this blog Geethica, glad to visit.


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