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So today I reach letter P-PERSEVERANCE. The word weighs heavy and surely is. 

What exactly is the meaning?

A determined attitude that makes you continue trying to achieve something difficult ambitious.


A feeling of enthusiasm or interest that makes you determined to do something.

Face to face with the problem

  • Don’t press the panic button every time you face a crisis.
  • Don’t let someone else’s behaviour stress you out.
  • Find the answer to your problems within you. Nobody else will have the solution.
  • Don’t let these factors slower your perseverance(determination) to achieve what you desire.
  • It is not the stress but our response to it that decides whether it can be overcome.

It is we who decide what is a problem and what is not that important so as to bother us. Things which are beyond our control should not be a part of our (daily) life. Why to overactive your brain and have an extremely overtaxed nervous system? Instead, save the energy for organising things for the day ahead.

Personal experience

 When I am too busy with household work and kids, I used to get tense. I felt like I will not be able to write today. But that moment only I realised that I need to change my thinking. I changed my sentence to ‘ I have to write today’.

Believe in what you speak. You will be surprised to see that you are able to finish your daily chores and there’s still time left for your writing. Stop giving the last priority to your writing. Delegate the work as much possible and take out time for your favourite thing. Give the priority to your writing first in your mind. Rest will follow behind.

Although, there are some days when planning doesn’t help. So leave it, relax because God has better things saved for you in future.  

Because success is not easy but strong perseverance 

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28 thoughts on “P-Perseverance

  1. Because you plan rest of world will not behave according to it. Every planner must have the ability to do change the plan on a day to day and hour to hour or even minute to minute basis to steer the result towards the goal. At the first sign of a problem or an impediment, panic should not be the result. Problems are to be expected in any task, program or endeavour and one must be ready to keep trying till it is proved beyond doubt that the project cannot be pursued further for any incremental beneficial result. Your post brings out the idea clearly.
    My post for the day.
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  2. Lovely take on P. Perseverance is an under-rated virtue. I have seen brilliant people fail to reach pinnacles they could have simply because they did not persevere. On the other hand a mediocre person with perseverance will be at it doggedly, and even reach the pinnacle simply because he was the only one who hung around. All the best Geethica!

  3. I can do it saying every morning is so refreshing and it definitely gives a positive note through out the day..I basically write down in my note the things and do everyday..Ensure that all my work is completed and “I can”
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    Menaka Bharathi *

    1. Very true Roma. True perseverance is examined when you take out time for your love even from tight schedule trying to stop you. Thanks for the love.


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