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Today, I choose the word O-OPTIMISTIC and taking this challenge one step ahead. I am optimistic about my life; my thoughts. Are you optimistic?

The meaning

Someone who is optimistic is hopeful about the future and tends to expect that good thing will happen.


It is used in context to beliefs, attitudes or periods in history; based on beliefs that are too confident.

The process

It is not a one day process. You need to believe in yourself first. You should be able to foresee what good future you are wanting from life. Once you are done with that. Then you need to firmly believe that your dream will come true soon.

If you are somewhere doubtful of your success, then obviously you will not succeed. Because the subconscious mind does not work when our thoughts are in conflict. And remember to feed your subconscious brain with positive thoughts every night before you go to sleep and early in the morning. Yes, because at these two timings, our brain is the most powerful without the pressure of daily chores.

Personal experience

I realised late in my life that I wanted to be a writer. But better late than never. I started training my subconscious mind with the aims I want to achieve. I started recalling my dream every day and night. I made a picture in my mind of my successful career. I wanted to be financially independent. But somewhere in the middle of everything, I wanted to be famous first and then earn through my creativity.

I don’t believe myself sometimes that it happened the same way. My poem(BREATHING) got published in the magazine first. And some months later I got to know that I will be paid for the same. Otherwise, I was happy with the publishing alone.

This incident further pushed my optimism and is still encouraging me.

Do you have any such experience to share? Do share

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17 thoughts on “O-Optimistic

  1. Thank you for visiting, Art Sketching Through the Alphabet “O” (Owl) yesterday on Curious as a Cathy! I’m an optimist person. I prefer to positiveness over negativity. I’m a realistic who sees my boundaries and accept all things with a glad heart instead of being disappointed when things are not purrfect. An optimistic heart/mind is a grateful for all rewards in life. Thanks for sharing your optimism with us. Happy a2zing!

  2. Hey Geethica, Count me in this happy tribe…lol! I could relate to this post being an optimist myself. But, there are times when being too optimistic isn’t that great either…like there is proven link between optimism and showing up late. In some situations, I think thinking negatively actually works in favour like being punctual, being careful and taking precautions etc. Otherwise, to dream big and take that risk to make your dreams a reality are all signs of positive thinking and optimism. I am curious about the magazine where you had your first article published and would love to read the published article as well. If you are interested, here is my day´s challenge http://pensense.blogspot.in. Would love to know your thoughts on it. Keep writing. Cheers!

    1. Hey Tina, lovely to hear your thoughts on the topic. My poem was published in Womans Era last year. My pinned tweet had the details. Thanks for commenting

  3. I am not a very optimistic person dear but I believe a lot in myself and so I ward off the negative thoughts and remain motivated to my goals. My motivation is Karma but I know optimism is truly lifting.

    1. Believing in yourself will further lead you to optimism sometime later in life. But I guess you are optimistic as far as I have known you.


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