Kindness is one quality that flows from generations to generations.  This is one quality that should be engraved on every soul.

My acts of kindness have made me proud of myself. Every time I help someone in any way, my heart says aloud “This one is for you God”

Acts that I remember

Just after Diwali, the road sweepers were ringing the doorbells of every other house and asking for sweets and money. As I came back from my morning walk, one of the daily sweepers greeted me and asked me the same. I smiled and said ok. The confusing thoughts prevailed my mind whether to give, what to give when suddenly I decided to positively and go for it.

There were so many boxes of sweets that were gifted to us on Diwali. They were all not even opened and as such also we would have given them to somebody later. And I thought why not now when somebody is in real need of it.

So I packed some sweets with 50/- note and gave it to him. He instantly smiled and gave me a tonne of blessings for me and my family. Such act of kindness early in the morning made the day happier and blissful for both of us. That day I felt proud of my act and thanked God for helping me decide the right way.

We pay the maids in the first week of every month. So this month when I paid her she said ‘bade mauke pe diye hai aapne paise, aaj hi dawaiin khareedne jaana tha’. (you have paid at the right time, today only I had to buy medicines).

This one sentence made me realise that my existence is of some purpose. Where I helped a person when she genuinely needed that help.

Some traces in the kids

My kids also have some shades of kindness in them that God had instilled in them even before they stepped out in this world.

  • My daughter’s birthday comes first every year and the next day our anniversary. This year she gifted me a pen that she got as a birthday gift from her friend. I was amazed to see her generosity at such small age.
  • My son who is still smaller asked for water once. We were short of water at that time so I gave him my glass of water. He had a little of it asked me what will I have? I said I am not thirsty, you drink as much as you want. I will have later when somebody will come to serve us water.

But he was constantly searching for someone with water and telling me you can drink from this glass. I have saved some sips for you.

Their acts of kindness reminded me of my childhood days when my brother who is younger to me once gifted me all his saved up pocket money.

Lessons from everyone

  • There is so much to learn and admire from these small kids. I thanked God to be given a life with all of them.
  • I try to teach them to be kind at every stage of life at every possible situation.
  • Whenever we buy a thing, we should take out 2 old things to give out to the needy ones.
  • I tell my kids to take out their old toys, books and clothes every 2 months and donate to the ones who can’t buy them.


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