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This is another word for which I have endless meanings without looking into a dictionary. K-KIDS

Out of my box

My experience says just like shaadi ka lodoo, kids also go by the same theory.

“Jo khaye woh puchtaye, jo na khaye woh bhi puchtay” (the one who eats also suffers and the one who does not eat also suffers). And somehow I am entangled in this vicious circle.

Well jokes apart, I seriously feel that when I was just married, I used to look at other kids and think how cute are they? And yes they are for sure. So I decided to have them soon.

When the time came near, I was all in confusion…..how will be the life ahead?

The reality

And when it actually happened; Like a miracle in my hands, I felt next to God. I realised that God has made me able to give birth to a new life. All my confusions got cleared in one go when I looked at my baby.

Now I could not think of anything else. My life started revolving around my kids. My whole life went through a new phase. Now I could not think of me as alone. I was counted as 3 and not 1; me and my two kids.

This was the reality and after initial ups and downs of depression, I had stood up again with high motivation levels. I started searching for the reasons. And you won’t believe that I got enormous reasons that forced me to stop questioning about their existence in my life.

Lessons I learned while growing with them
  • They laugh at everything around them.
  • They don’t take things seriously.
  • They keep trying until they get a ‘yes’ for an answer.
  • They are not bothered by the world and just be by themselves.
  • They speak their mind clearly whether the listener likes it or not and don’t moderate.
  • They become happy at life’s small miracles.

And above all, when you are highly depressed and question yourself why the hell are you living in this world?

  • Turn towards your kids, watch their play or even shout at them. They will just smile back at you and you will wonder;  was that this simple?

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13 thoughts on “K-Kids

  1. I also love how kids overcome their disagreements so quickly. They often fight about the issue at hand rather than digging up age-old dirt like we adults do!

  2. i completely understand that Geethica – I am also not counted an individual now, I have a fixed tail who currently is monkeying around the house!


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